Thursday, December 6, 2012

Updates and Discoveries

The last few months have really been revealing. I have realized I can’t do it all, imagine that!

Stories that Move Mountains” is a book in full swing and will be out in the U.S. soon. Sales have been great outside of the U.S, and I look forward to seeing it come to the U.S.  The message is clear… there is a very intentional way to bring the right story to your audience and deliver it in an engaging way that can affect change.

I have been writing feverishly… but not for my own personal blog, and that’s ok. I have been writing for many other blogs. Look for upcoming posts on the book website, as well as Visual Loop and I want to ‘get the word out’ on design to many that don’t believe they can do it. No—I know, we all need to have our specialties, but when you’re developing a presentation, we ALL need to have an eye on the overall design.

And when I say design, it doesn’t mean we all need to grab a pencil and start drawing. We just need to think in an organized way, and start making connections that your design “specialist” can relate to, so that your ideas come to life.

I helping to write the book I realized this! Design is a universal concept for everyone… you just need to know when to hand it off to a specialist.  Look for the posts, and we’ll talk more on that soon.


SO this post is not only about updates, it’s about discoveries. I just wanted to express that a ‘visual discovery’ for me was the fact that I have realized I need a few new outlets for expression—but I have never seemed to have the time, energy or inspiration. With so many interests, it’s often hard to find a way that fits into your day and ‘flows’ in a way that feels natural.

While drawing pictures and painting all day is definitely something I would LOVE to be doing now, I realized that I also had a long-lost love for photography.

I used to do it all with a Pentax manual-adjust camera (thank you Mom and Pop) that I used during my undergraduate work in Graphic Design, and into the 90s. Over the last decade it seems to have fallen away. Working in the dark-room was very cool, but I think my throat feels much better knowing all those dark-room chemicals don’t always need to be breathed anymore—that’s right, I’ve figured out how my love for images and social networking can be combined. No surprise… it’s Instagram!!!

My iPhone 5, Lumia 920 and various other digital resources have become very convenient (and mobile resources) for living my life throughpictures.

Anyway, Instagram has become a bit of an obsession for me. Why? Well apparently because it gives me a convenient outlet to record my world in a way that doesn’t take a lot more time. I enjoy the process, and also have time for all my other commitments. I enjoy the process… sharing as I do things in the midst of my day. It’s very easy with my smartphone, especially since smartphone camera technology has really come a long way in the last decade!

Anyway, an unintended consequence of all this posting on Instagram has been the way in which it has effected how I see the world. I literally SEE the world through images and with a much stronger design orientation—meaning I see much more through the senses—color, lines, shapes, directionals, touch, texture and composition all come together...

And I love it.

Please keep in touch. Whether it’s through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Stories That Move Mountains, or just plain old-school email or phone calls…

Keep in touch.


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